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Norman's Silver Seal

16mm 32mm 20mm
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On Thursday, 18th., of March 2004, an important find of a silver double seal die was made in a field near Newark, Nottinghamshire by metal detectorist Norman Daynes. The seal was later described in a ‘Provisional Treasure Valuation’ as ‘One of the most attractive English seal-dies extant. It is a rare form. I can find no commercial precedent……’


This article will be updated soon in light in recent developments.

Meet The Members

Jess Islip

Jeff, a retired electrician, joined the Ashfield Metal Detecting Club after a heart operation, he thought metal detecting would be an interesting way to exercise. He attends almost every club search regardless of the weather.

In August, 2001, Jeff found a 9th. Century Anglo-Saxon silver strap end on a club search near Newark, Nottinghamshire. This was subsequently declared  to be ’Treasure’ under the Act and was acquired by the British Museum.

Jeff is pictured using his newly purchased White’s Prizm detector.

Mystery Object (1)

In each issue of the newsletter it proposed to illustrate an artefact or coin that has failed to be identified. Any identification made will be included in a future newsletter. It is not necessary for a find to be made on a club search or by a club member because quite often members are asked by friends and acquaintances to identify objects that may not have been found with a metal detector.

Items for inclusion need to be photographed or scanned and given or emailed to John Gough at If you do not have the means to photograph or to scan objects he can do this either at a club meeting or on a search. Details of sites are not required because, like all responsible detectorists, you will have recorded this already. It would help if an indication of size and type of metal is given.


W 30.50mm.
H 45.48mm
D 3.76mm
Weight 21.3g

W 27.90mm.
H 41.65mm
D 4.09mm
Weight 16.9g

W 28.50mm.
H 42.77mm
D 3.94mm
Weight 17.7g



Reverse ?

Found locally by a Calverton detectorist who is not a member of the Ashfield Club

Written by John Gough

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