Unidentified Finds



This page will show some finds made by club members which we are having trouble identifying.

If you recognise anything, please e-mail me with any information you can provide.

Many thanks.

A small, thin, copper bowl with the bust of Nelson embossed on it. The right hand side of the bowl looks as if it has been broken off something in the past. Around the bust is the inscription Admiral Lord Nelson.

It is made out of 1mm thick copper, 37mm in diameter and the bowl is 5mm deep.

Found in North Nottinghamshire.



Brass Lion Statuette

Found by Dai Hayes



Lead Artefact

Found by Jeff Oscroft

Head Top.jpg (63860 bytes)


A lead face found many years ago. It is 36mm x 37mm x 3mm. The obverse is plain with no signs of any mountings. It has the white patina that lead gains with age. The design is faintly reminiscent of one of the early kings like Henry even to the pearls in the crown.

Head Top.jpg (63860 bytes)


An alloy figure of a fish with scales and if examined closely an eye and a mouth can be made out at the end that has the ring. It has been shown to an angling expert who said that it was not connected to that hobby and that its design would not allow it to be used as a spinner or a lure. Both sides are identical; it measures 54mm x 20mm x 1mm. This was found on farmland from which finds of most ages have been found.


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