Spring 2000




The Annual General Meeting of the Ashfield Metal Detecting Club was held on Monday the 13th of March. The members returned the following Committee to serve for the year ending March, 2001 :-

Chairman Stephen Smith
Secretary John Gough
Treasurer Vic Wood
Site Secretary Jeff Oscroft and Dai Hayes
Subscriptions Norman Daynes
Lottery Pat Walker
Librarian Dai Hayes
Committee Men Alan Daynes & Mark Attenborough


A club newsletter has been published with Issue One (Spring 2000) now available. If any member has any articles, photographs, ideas or suggestions for inclusion in future Newsletters could they please pass them on to the Secretary.

Welcome to ...

Three new Associate Members have joined the Club since the AGM. Bryan and Lynda Downes who are newcomers to the hobby and Steve Hawley who has been metal detecting on and off for three years. I am sure Club members will offer them all the assistance and advice that may be necessary and that they will make some interesting finds in the future.

Sorry to see go ...

Lily and Dave Mattison announced at the AGM that they were leaving the club due to ill health. They have been keen Club members and will be missed at meetings and searches. Both were founder members of the Club and have both had their detecting successes over the years. Proof can be drawn from the quality of finds they made on Club sites as shown by the 'Find of the Month Awards' presented to them.

David Mattison

Lily Mattison

1994 Roman Denarius of Augustus
1995 Elizabeth I silver sixpence
1996 Roman bronze a/e of Constans

Edward III silver farthing

1997 Copper bull ring

Anglo Saxon dress pin

Roman brooch

1998 Serpent headed buckle

Roman bird brooch

1999 Roman brooch
1995 Henry VI silver penny

Constantus II Roman Bronze

1996 Edward I silver penny

16th Century bronze thimble

1997 Roman headstud brooch

Two members that the Club can ill afford to be without. It is hoped that their health problems will soon be on the mend and that they still keep in contact with the club.

Best Wishes ...

I am sure Club members will wish Dai well for the future and that he is as successful metal detecting in Wales as he was here. Thank you Dai for all the stirling work you have done for the Club and be healthy, happy and lucky in your new home.

Jeff's Theme Nights

Jeff Oscroft, our much revered Site Secretary, is in the habit of suggesting themed displays to be brought into the Club at the monthly meetings by members. This gives a change for all to see coins and artefacts that have been found on other sites apart from Club sites.

Also, the 'Find of the Month' entries, by their nature, only have the best finds of that month displayed. Other finds are not shown because they are not thought to have a chance to win. This is a shame because many 'minor' finds can be, in their own way, more interesting than the award winning entries.

Future Themes

Jeff has suggested the following themes for the coming monthly meetings :

May Lead Tokens
June Thimbles
July Watch Key Winders
August Military Badges and buttons
September Livery Buttons
October Civil Badges and buttons

Written by John Gough, Club Secretary

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